Monday, March 26, 2012

U is for “Unreeling the Unseen,” By Evelyn Watson

Many of the stories in this ABC series have established that sharing our experiences in a group of sympathetic listeners is just as important as writing the stories in the first place. I think that Evelyn has demonstrated one of the key factors in such a group. Without a willingness to be vulnerable, no such sharing could take place.

          Walking into the memoirs class several years ago was somewhat of an unmasking of myself. Writing my stories was one thing, but reading them aloud was like undressing, and I felt vulnerable. However, I soon found that the unique part of this particular group was that they were united as if bound together by an umbilical cord in their understanding and inexpressible kindness towards one another. This group is unequal to most groups because of their unusual unity and encouragement.

        I began to feel the umbrella of friendship and kinship with others who were unearthing the events of their lives just as I was, who were undressing themselves emotionally the same as I, and who were unlocking the unseen stories their lives had journeyed.

        Our teacher, Bonnie, has shown us ways to write our stories not in the usual way of beginning at the beginning, but by writing little snippets to make up the story of our life, since our lives are many stories contained in one. She has inspired us with ideals to help us find the unborn stories within, always urging us to write whatever we find.

This class has been an ultimate experience for me. Never could I have known what awaited me when I walked into the unreeling of my unseen stories.


  1. Evelyn,This is the most vulnerable I've heard you be and it helped me to be connected with you, soul to soul. Thank you for such honesty. Annette

  2. You are so right, Evelyn. People can only be vulnrable when there is ample trust. Some gut- wrenching stories that I have braved to share left me feeling stripted to the bone, then to my heart. But it was all worth it- when I was bathed with empathy and acceptance that is perpetuated by our caring teacher and mentor, Bonnie Mansell.

  3. I agree, Evelyn. I found this class to be an ultimate experience in empathy and caring for others.