Friday, March 9, 2012

P is for a “Perfect Production,” By Virginian (Ginger) Lane

          The Norwalk Senior Center offers a class in learning to write memoirs. It is a priceless stimulant for the seniors’ minds. This class gives the intellectual challenge to prod students’ memories, keeping them keep alert, and possibly preventing or forestalling dementia and Alzheimer’s. In addition, these elders of our community can leave behind a present, a history of their lives and times for their families.
The class is a stimulant to thinking and it prods older people to get started, find purpose, and complete a product that anyone would be pleased to peruse. Every class is priceless as we all share our products and trigger memories in each other. Some of our pieces are funny; some are informative; some are touching or sad. All are deserving of the praise that the students pour out on each others’ finished products.  The class supports the members with the encouragement that keeps students writing their histories for their families. Many seniors would not finish writing their memoirs without continuing to attend this program. In addition, the class is one of the few at the Center that offers intellectual content, yet has a practical purpose. The class offers seniors the practice in writing and thinking that pushes them to perform. Most of the people would procrastinate without this peerless class prompting them. It got me started, and now I am writing prolifically.

        Our teacher is always prepared, providing us material that is priceless. Her lectures are informative and interesting, yet she allows plenty of time for the people to present their own productions. The teacher has a pertinent background and education for teaching memoir writing. Her unique perceptions are prized by class members. In addition, the instructor creates a pleasant atmosphere that allows people to feel relaxed and comfortable in their own performances. All together, her talents and education make the perfect combination for a memoirs program.


  1. Ginger, your description of our exceptional memoir group, its members, and inspirational teacher is right on!!!

  2. Ginger, you described our group perfectly and some interesting issues those outside the group do not realize. I think we all feel our group is perfect!

  3. Ginger, You described our group perfectly adding some very important issues seldom realized by those outside the group. I think we all feel our group is exceptionally perfect!

  4. Ginger, Very clever! You are a lot of fun and also our class diva. I hope I can be as amazingly sharp as you as I age.