Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan Hits The Philippines, by Noemi Rabina

November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan hit Leyte, the famous historical province in the Visayan Islands of the Philippines. It was here in 1944 where Gen. Douglas McArthur landed to liberate the country from Japan, who had ruled the country for about four years. Since then, Leyte has been a peaceful and beautiful province with the white sandy shore that attracted many visitors. But now, a great devastation has happened as the strongest typhoon Haiyan pounded on the land, killing thousands of people and reducing the once beautiful city into rubbles. The whole world has seen and heard the cry of the people. It was so heart-breaking! 

I thought I had already experienced nature's worst typhoon when I was in Manila.  It was signal #3, and I was caught working in the hospital many miles from home. The city streets were flooded. No more public transportation. People were wading in the dark dirty water to get home. I had to follow the crowd in my nurse's white uniform. It took me more than four hours to get home when it used to be less than an hour ride on a usual day. 

We were often visited by typhoons, usually in November and December, and typhoons were always named after women. That is because women are more aggressive, and unpredictable. For typhoons signal #1-#3, schools and public offices were closed, but they never excuse the workers from the hospitals. If they cannot report due to lack of transportation, the hospital ambulance will come and get them. 

To the affected people of Leyte, let us be a good neighbor, to help them the way we can. Jesus said, "What ever you have done to the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me." 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Veteran's Day, by Caleb J. Gomez, 12 years old

My Papa, Victor Adele was a Marine. He served our country in Vietnam.

Now he is a volunteer at my Troop 93 meetings and outings. He has taught me how I can serve my community and my country by being the best Boy Scout of America.

My Papa says,  I can be like a  Marine  even if I' am only 12 years old by always doing my  best, and never giving up when I have trouble putting up my tent,  tying my knots, and calling out color-guard commands, and folding the flag correctly in a triangle shape and going on hard hikes.

 I want to wish my Papa and all the people who have served in the wars a happy Veterans day.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Abandoned In the Attic, by Yolanda Adele

As I lie in the dark corner of the cold attic,
the spider,
and deliberately approaches my being.
Sticky, beautiful gossamer- like webs anchor my broken body down.
Thankful, I’m for the lace collar of my tattered yellow dress,
that covers and protects, my mouth and ears,
from the ominous black spider’s curiosity.
There is no comfort in the haunting sounds,
of the child’s laughter,
that once beckoned me to run in frolic. 
Her shrills of delight,
echoes like a faded lullaby,
suspended from the rafters now.
This precious little girl often wrapped her arms around me,
whispering her secrets and pain
knowing I’d never judge or blame.
My jaw frozen wide in silent scream,
I wish this were but a dream.
Alas, since she abandoned me, only darkness fills the air.
I should have known that little girls,
all too soon,
grow up,
and put their dollies down.
Someday a new child may find, and mend my broken parts,
setting in motion the magical, imagination,
that breaths life into dolls,
bringing them to life again,
and again.   
Until then I lie,
and abandoned,
in the attic.