Submission Guidelines

Welcome to our class blog. This blog is by and for the members of the memoir writing class at Norwalk Senior Center, sponsored by Cerritos College. We welcome the submission of stories from non-members. Please become familiar with the type of stories that are published here, make comments on some that interest you, then consider writing your own story. If you are interested in publishing some stories in this way, please observe the following guidelines:

1. Sign up to become a “follower.” This will allow you to make comments on other peoples’ stories. The more comments you make, the more encouraging you will be to other writers.

2. Sign up to have the blog delivered to you by email. This way, you will know when new posts (not new comments) are made on the blog.

3. PLEASE encourage your friends and family to read the blog, follow the blog, and sign up for email delivery. The more people who read your stories and comment on them, the more you will be encouraged to keep writing and inspired to improve your writing.

• Send the website URL to your friends by email

• Post a link to the site on Facebook

Story guidelines:

• 500 word max. No exceptions. This may change in the future.

• Stories will only be slightly edited, so please make sure they are as “correct” as possible.

• Stories should be uplifting and hopeful.

• Only stories submitted by email can be considered for publication. Please submit your stories, including your name, email address, and the story title, to:

• All stories should connect in some way to your memories.

• If there is a current theme, posted on the blog, stories related to that theme will receive first consideration. For other ideas, see the labels attached to the stories which have already been posted.