Friday, March 16, 2012

R is for “Road,” By Jacqueline Smith

Where has your road taken you lately? Has it been a bit rough from time to time? Maybe you could use a little break, a stop in “The House by the Side of the Road.” Here is Jacqui’s reflection on the strength to be gained by deliberately spending time in the shelter of community. When you finish her story, take a moment to read the link to the poem by Sam Walter Foss. ~ Bonnie

The road I travel is usually smooth and rather pleasant but lately there have been too many stones causing my journey to become a bit bumpy. In my weariness I have been fortunate enough to find a place where I can rest my soul, a safe harbor where I enjoy the company of some very delightful traveling companions whose stories help me to see the world in a different light.
As we share our memories we are awakened to a greater understanding of the many roads that life has to offer and even when we realize that each of us has left our own special trails behind, somehow God has allowed our paths to meet. Each of us has grown and shall continue to grow as we listen and learn from one another.
Since I love libraries and books, my mind allows me to view these precious people as if they were a rare collection of very valuable and priceless books. Each one is filled with childhood memories, incredible adventure, joys, sorrows, humor and much more. They are a part of my private collection.
I love this class! We travelers laugh together, weep together and just have a great time in this wonderful part of our journey. As we move onward the road grows wider to welcome new travelers because the road of life was never meant to be traveled alone.
My spirit is always lifted when I remember this is the day for me to go to my memoir class, where I know there will be a welcoming hug, a kind word, a gentle touch and rest for my weary soul. This is indeed my refuge, my safe harbor where I can dock and find only goodness.
Bonnie, with her caring smile and her tender heart, sits at the helm and kindness reigns. She is a leader, a gentle and wise woman, and a lover of people. She is the captain of this ship and no one could ever take her place for she is indeed “irreplaceable.” This is much more than a class where students can learn; this is a place where hearts are connected and strangers become family.

I am truly thankful for the opportunity to walk this road with such an amazing group of fellow travelers.

To Read Foss’s poem, click here:
The House by the Side of the Road


  1. Dear Jacqui, You wrirings deserve the honor of being compared to Foss's poem. Your words are soulful, refective,filled with gratitude and hope. Your "Road" poem has made me realize that we truely are part of eachothers journey, because of the great insights we find and share with one another.

    Your Fan- Yolanda

  2. Jacqui, I love everything you write and this reflection of our memoir class is no different. Another lovely worded writing about a class we all love. I'm so thankful my course has brought me down the road leading to Bommie's memoir class and meeting the wonderful friends I have encountered there.

  3. I am thankful to know you Jacqui. This class has been a place of healing and grace for me also. I hope to continue on this writing road for many more years to come.

  4. From Ginger:

    Hi Jaqui,
    I loved your tranquil writing. I also read the road poem, which reminded me of when I had to read that in school. I memorized that poem and used it in the school competition. I didn't get to represent my school. Others were much better than I. Your writings are often poetic.

  5. From Charlene:
    What a wonderful writing. The only thing better would have been to hear you read it. I love your delivery. I like how you used Samuel Walter Foss' poem for your own inspirational "road" writing. I enjoy all your writings for they are always reflective and full of appreciation. You, as a fellow classmate and friend, add abundantly to our special Memoir Writing class.