Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why I Write , by Evelyn Watson

There is the challenge of expressing myself in the amazing world of linguistics which I find exhilarating, fulfilling, and pleasurable. Words are ever as much revealing as I and the English language as confusing, a challenge that intrigues me to write. I find words speaking to me as time passes when writing poetry- keys unlocking mysteries, and at times a spiritual experience of knowledge beyond my wisdom when writing letters. My Inspiration gives way to poignancy; through the writing process and I am able to re-live again experiences by writing them as though viewing a photograph.

Beyond that, writing lets me search and draw from the deep well within to discover myself, shining a light on who I am, challenging me to review my character, and giving my feelings expression through that powerful venue through which I become lost in time. Journaling pent-up emotions, anger and guilt, failures and disappointments, voiced silently by pen, yet, mighty as the sword, release me of their bonds. Equally, feelings of happiness and joy, accomplishments and successes bring smiles within when I see them penned realizing I have been transformed by the renewing of my mind, as God proves his perfect will for me.

Writing encompasses an enormous other world of which I know little about, yet, endeavor to enter into at the risk of being made a fool. Words paint a picture of who I am writing my memoirs, not to leave a mark or be recognized of others, but of whom I find myself to be through the revelations of that never ending source- my eternal soul. I recount and remember who I was yesterday and write of who I am today, witnessing God's goodness.


  1. Evelyn,
    You have a beautiful way of using the English language. Your words are like poetry. I can definately hear your voice when I read your words.When I read your words it seems to me that each word has been thought out and selected by you, unlike my words. I tend to just ramble..I enjoy your distinct choices of words. Gail

  2. Dear Evelyn, What a true discription when you write that: experiences can be re-lived as though viewing a photograph. There is a kind of magic in that realization. Just as when you write about emotions "voiced silently by pen." Which is equally empowering to make sense of what happend to us.
    Your story makes me want to be braver in my own writing; to shake out my soul and see what ALL is in there. That is what good writing is about. You are a very inspirational writer.
    Someone once wrote that an unexamined life is not worth living. You, my friend, should live a very long time, because you get it!!!

  3. Gail, your comment is encouraging!! I have had the opportunity to try out my wings in writing by being in Bonnie's group. It has been an important part of living and perhaps another avenue to feel purposeful.

  4. Evelyn, I can't thank you enough for helping pull me up into the world of writing and encouraging me on the journey of doing what God gave me to do. You are so caring to everyone you come alongside. You covered everything in your Why I Write. Write on, friend, Write on

  5. Evelyn,
    Your writing is just as classy as you are. Such profound thoughts and so eloquently expressed.
    The depths of your caring character and spiritual side shine through every word. You encourage me to aim a little higher to attain your level of perfection. Kudos to you, my friend.