Friday, June 25, 2010

Love at First Sight, by Gail Earl

When I hear the word "teenager" now, I think happy thoughts, of a life so simple. I remember dances and slumber parties and girlfriends and of course, boys. It was a time when "fitting in" mattered and "cool" was the word of the day. I have nothing but happy memories of my teenage years.

I’m sure at the time I had no idea that my choices then would affect my entire life. Teenagers have no reference or concept of an entire life. They can only relate to a few short years in their past.

When I was 16, my girlfriend Nancy and I were asked to leave our current Art class, (ok perhaps we weren't asked, but told. We just might not have been great at following class rules). We were ushered into another class room. Maybe that teacher would understand us better. As Nancy and I stood just inside the doorway, we looked around at all the other students. I spotted a very cute boy and could look no further. I told Nancy right then, "I want him". I can't tell you now just what it was, but I knew it was real and it was definite, from the moment I saw him.

That cute boy and I have been married for 42 years. We have two wonderful children and five terrific Grandchildren. We shared our teenage years and all of our life right into being senior citizens.

Although my teenage years were filled with fun and adventure, I know that they were also filled with so much more. They were the basis for all of my future. The choices I made, the growth in both mind and spirit, were made by a teenager. Two teenagers that had definite plans for the future and like goals in life. We know how lucky we are. We know that not all teenage choices and goals survive. Even with the best intentions, we know that our story is rare and blessed. (I remind him of that quite often).

To this day when I awake and see him, my heart flutters and “I want him".


  1. Dear Gail, You will be amazed to know how much your loves story resembles my own. Infact, I had the same title for my story for years -until resently when I edited it. Now I titled it- I meet my husband in the 10th grade.
    Everyday, that I awake to see him at my side I feel so blessed, and wonder how I got so lucky.
    Next week is our 48th wedding anniversary, and I'm so proud of us.

    I can relate to your feeling of gratitude for finding your soulmate early on and carving out a life together, that is exemplary for your children. It doesn't get any better than that.

  2. a truly "feel good" romantic story. I would like to hear more stories of the friendship that brought you to that classroom door.

  3. Gail, I can so relate to how you felt about your husband because the first time I laid eyes on mine I felt like he was the one I wanted. I couldn't explain why I just felt he was the one. Sometimes I've wondered why because we are so different in so many ways, yet after fifty-one years I wouldn't want any other. Isn't it great God allows senior's hearts to flutter like teenagers.

  4. Dear Gail,
    Your story definitely is rare and blessed. You were lucky to find your soulmate at such an early age. Who says teenagers don't know their own minds? Unfortunately many adults don't trust the judgment of teens and many a budding romance is lost. You both must have had wise parents.
    Congratulations on your 42 years of happiness together and may you be blessed with many, many more.