Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Invitation

Read the new post from Kacie. It will tug at your heartstrings in more ways than one. After you have commented on her story, I invite you to make a comment on this post, answering the question -- what is one thing you appreciated about your father?


  1. I will say with no hesitation that one of the things I most appreciated about my father was how much he loved my mother. His eyes shone with love all through my childhood. I never doubted that he adored her. Then, when "in sickness and in health" was tested, he faithfully took care of her, day after day, year after year, as she walked her own dark path of Alzheimer's. He was a good man, and no one could ever doubt his love for my mom.

  2. The most special gift that I recieved from my father is his tenderness. He was the most kind , loving , tender man I have ever met. He was the one that dried my tears as a child. He was the one that taught each of us kids, the importance of love and family. He was the one that could scold us or embrace us , with just a glance from his bright blue eyes. He was the one that taught me how to love and be loved. He was always proud of his tender side, and never affraid to show it.
    When I get to Heaven, I'll find him by the light in his blue eyes.

  3. Dear Bonnie and Gail, what a legacy of love and devotion you were blessed with. A father is the first man a child loves.