Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My First Job, by Dora Silvers

I was 11 years old in 1939. Every Sunday I babysat Ruthie while her parents went to church. The first page on the Sunday Funnies was Dick Tracy and Little Orphan Annie. I turned on the radio and listened as “Uncle Bob” would read the funnies as we followed along. I was paid 25 cents. I learned how to budget my weekly quarter.

Movies were 5 cents on Saturday. Ice cream on a stick was 3 cents. Before the movies, I would go with my friends to the candy store. We would get two scoops (about 1/4 of a cup) of Jelly Beans for 2 cents. Movies were from 12:30 to 4 o'clock. The afternoon included a coming attraction, a serial (usually a western) which was continued each week, Looney Tunes, and then the main feature.

This memory came to me when I learned that Little Orphan Annie will be discontinued. It all began in 1924. These are good memories for me.


  1. Dora,
    You helped me remember back to my childhood when we used to see a double feature at the Norwalk showhouse that sat at the corner of Firestone and San Antonio. Great memories.
    I want to hear more of this story.
    God bless... Kacie

  2. I wish I had one of those magic quarters today. I would head for Las Vegas. Today you have to have at least five dollars to get less than you got for you quarter. Love your stories, you remember so much detail. Your Pal, Gloria

  3. Dear Dora, You transport your reader to another place in time with your sweet nostalgic style of writing.

  4. Hi Dora,
    I loved your story. What a great memory you have.How long did you have to babysit Ruthie to earn a quarter?
    It's a shame Little Orphan Annie is being discontinued.

  5. I always enjoy your writing, Dora. You amaze me with the detail that brings us back in time and tickles our memory too. Your story reminded me of my early movie-going. Sometimes there was a short on-stage performance before the movie. Thanks for the memories.

  6. DORA, I remember going to the movie for ten cents when I was a kid. There were two full length movies, the newsreel or Victory at Sea, a serial, and two cartoons. It took the entire afternoon to see everything. I was always a Blondie and Dagwood follower and still refer to having a Dagwood sandwich. Your story brought back some memories from my early childhood. Thank you.