Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grandma's Pan, by Karen Borrell

Do you have an every-day utensil in one of your cupboards that has served you and your family for generations? Have you ever thought about how that ordinary item has added to your family’s memories?  

Old black iron pan

What history you have served.

Nordic lamb and cabbage,

Proud tradition you preserved.


Adjusted next to melting pot stews

And the tight economy of war,

You now offered us filling foods

We might not have considered before


Another journey, this time South

And the aroma was totally new

As you brewed us many spicy feasts

Our Children enjoyed them too


So, old pot. You are almost sacred

Having journeyed far with four generations

What will happen when I am gone?

What will you serve at your next destination?


  1. From Charlotte ~

    I hope the tradition carries on. Beautiful words about an old iron frying pan.

  2. After reading your poem, I can better understand why we cherish artifacts; for they share in our human history as well as in our personal history.
    Thank you for causing me to pause in my day and ponder the items in my home that have added to my memoirs.

  3. What a terrific poem - a celebration of an ordinary item that carries so much meaning.

  4. Karen such a wonderful memory of a simple everyday used item. I think we could do much the same writing about family recipes handed down one generation after another. It just goes to show how important our past history is cherished in simple things.