Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Daily Routine, By Charlotte Davis Boquist

Our daily routines may change gradually, but they change dramatically. Enjoy Charlotte’s perspective on one aspect of this change. There are certain things that it’s best to keep a sense of humor about. Aging is one of them.

The words, “of an age” sound genteel and sweet, but, truth be known, the so-called golden years are spent in an entirely new circle of friends.  They reside at our doctor’s office.  Other patients; the receptionists, the nurses and the doctors themselves are all known by their first names.  The workers at the pharmacies know us by the prescriptions we refill on a regular basis.

          Each day is a whirlwind of pills—and more importantly when to ingest each one, how often-of course, the timing is crucial.  One with water first thing; you can’t eat for an hour no matter how late you start.  Then two others, one small round pill and one triangular shaped.  To be taken with breakfast, one with a little food and the other when my tummy is full.  Oh don’t forget the teaspoon of syrup.

          Lunch brings on a pile of vitamins.  Capsules and pills all recommended by our M.D. or grandson and especially Dr. Oz, who daily has something new that is important to swallow. 

          Afternoon calls for some elixir, a tea perhaps, or a smoothie made from many healthy ingredients.

          Six o’clock comes quickly and it’s time for the pill that will anchor my blood clot.  Pay attention now, is this the day for a whole one or a half?  Oh my!  Have I had enough water to drink today?  Probably not, but if I try to make it up now I’ll be up several times in the night.  Tomorrow I’ll do better.

          Bedtime and three teaspoons of that stuff that keeps my air passages open.  Now what did I forget? I’m sure there is something.  But I’m too tired to care.  Good night ZZZZZZZZZZZ.



  1. Talk about schedules "those of an age" work on tight schedules. The schedule works fairly well when home but away from home it's easy to lose track and once you start with those little suckers (pills) you just never seem to get rid of them. I sometimes wonder if we really need them.

  2. So, insightful. I think that you may also be taking a funny pill as well, because you know how to make your reader laugh at life's challenges. Yes, good night

  3. Things certainly are different when we get older. You have a great sense of humor and a wonderful attitude about life.

  4. Note - Although I just got to my computer, this comment actually arrived at 4:42 this morning from an early rising Charlene:

    From Charlene -

    Dear Charlotte,
    No sleeping pills for me so I'm up early writing to you. Your clever story is certainly true. I always appreciate how you calmly and humorously address the challenges of life. Now, when I take my pills, I will think of you and your fun story. Bet they'll go down a lot easier, too!