Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"MY PERFECT MAN," by Kacie Cooper

If this poem by Kacie doesn’t bring you a smile, I’m not sure what will! Enjoy.


The perfect man I've chosen is really the perfect man indeed.
I've been looking all my life for him. My heart, my soul he feeds.

He is so interesting, debonair; the way he walks.
People call him an animal. But I love the way he talks.

He speaks with an Australian accent and he's a different color than me.
That's okay, who knows? I just might come from the same ancestry.

I saw him on the "tele" just a few years back.
He's very photogenic. Oh my gosh! He's wack! (good)

He drives around in a nice car and has a job-to die for!
If ever I was his honey, he'd have someone to buy for.

At least he's not a Mr. Hyde or a mean old Dr. Jeckyl.
No. My "Perfect Man" is wonderful. You see...he's the Geico gecko!


  1. Clever and cute. You are very witty, Kacie.
    Love it.

  2. Kacie, poetry isn't usually your style but comedy is and this is not only an excellent poem but a funny one as well. Love what you write. You are talented! What an assest to our group you are.

  3. Dear Kacie, You strike again, tickling my funny bone. I always look forward to your next surprise for us ( at our memoirs group.) What a gift you are to us.
    Love Y

  4. From Jacqui ~

    Kacie, your talent is absolutely amazing! I'm always surprised and delighted by your natural ability to bring joy and laughter into the hearts and lives of everyone who may have the pleasure of experiencing your stories and poems. I am truly happy that you are a part of our "incredible" group.

  5. From Charlotte ~

    What a delight! I love this little insight into Kacie's thinking.

  6. From Ginger ~

    Kacie's poem is darling and funny!