Monday, August 20, 2012

Living With No Place to Hide, by Kay Halsey

This insightful essay is full of observations about life. I think you will relate to Kay’s experiences.

            “Hide and Seek” or “Kick the Can” were favorite games of mine when a child.  My cover may have been small, but the excitement of seeing someone come to discover my cover was real fun.  I felt like I was winning over my opponents.  We even got rewards for discovery - points, or change of role, or a chance to hide again and be “it.”

            However, as I grew up my experiences became more complicated.  Fear, anger, pride, or distrust take over.  Sometimes I felt I couldn’t cope any more.  I felt boxed in and nervous that survival was to hide my real thoughts and feelings, to deny human reactions which caused hurt.  I felt obligated to present a happy and positive presence which hide the real truth.  Life wasn’t all “roses.”  Sometimes “bad” things happen that you have to acknowledge and there is no hiding place.

            Denial is no answer to the real truth.  Your inner spirit can direct the mind off the problems to let your body release its tensions caused by conflict of situations.  Meditation and focus on the inner spirit have good outcomes.  The cause of the inner emotions requires inner work.  You can’t accept that someone else is making you feel this way.  Life’s game is played in direct relation to what you bring to it.  When you let go, you are free to react in a positive way – joyful, happy, positive.  Each day is a gift.

            What a gift and joy to look forward to planning an exciting and open experience.  Where will you go and what will you find when there is no more hiding and waiting for good things to happen.  You are “it” and anxious to find all the things that are happening in your world when you have no place to hide.


  1. I love your line, "meditation and focus on the inner spirit"... I use this in my life daily, and it truely does bring freedom!

  2. From Charlotte ~
    What a good reminder, that life will pass you by if you are waiting for "your ship to come in" or "until such and such is taken care of". Well written Kay, thanks.

  3. Kay I love that you write about such in-depth subjects. You have learned the secret to being yourself and being at peace. Solitude and silence are necessary for us to focus on the what's inside as well.

  4. Very thoughtful, as always, Kay.

  5. From Yolanda ~
    Kay, your story is profound. You must be a valued mentor to your family and friends. Your writing reflects wisdom. "Keep on Keeping on."