Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Am From, by Yolanda Adele

Here is another in our series of “Where I'm from” poems. I cannot get enough of these! It has been such a rewarding assignment, with such varied and enjoyable results. Each gives us a glimpse into the life of one of our writers. If you have not yet written one, please see the instructions and links here. HERE

This one, from Yolanda, is a joy to read and I suspect that it will stir up memories of your own.


I am from an era of great hope for nations after World War II,

I am from the summers of Good Humor Ice Cream trucks chiming; beckoning children to run to it from all sides of the old neighborhood.

I am from the sweet aromas that the Helms Bakery trucks held in its highly polished blond-hardwood pull- out drawers,

I am from drinking milk delivered to the house and licking the cream off the bottle cap,
I am from Toni Home Perms and hula hoops. 
I am from petticoats and bobby socks, angora sweaters, pedal pushers, and wearing his ring around my neck,
I am from jukeboxes, sock hops and Sadie Hawkins dances, and Drive in movies.
I am from Rock n Roll,
I am from Elvis music,
I am from Crying in the Chapel, and Love Me Tender.
I am from an age that is said, more Americans bought homes, had a chicken in every pot, and a car in every garage than ever before.

I am from an era ushering in the space age, and Disneyland, “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

I am from an era of optimism for the future.


  1. I so much remember this era for it is all part of where I am from. The days when life seemed so simple, when everyone worked for the same values and respected one another. America was flourshing again after the war and it was the best of time to live even without the modern technology we have today. I would return to that time in a minute if possible. Thanks for memories.

  2. Yolanda, When we moved from Canada to L.A., I found out about all the goodies the Helms truck carried, I would begin to salivate as soon as I heard him coming. I remember those risque pedal pushers also. Sorry, my computer doesn't have a French accent. What fun memories.

  3. From Charlene ~

    Oh, Yolanda, a wonderful writing, bringing back so many wonderful memories. You certainly summarized a grand era. (I wrote about the Helms truck in my book, but forgot about the beautifully-finished pull-out drawers.) You do such a great job in capturing all our senses - trucks chiming, sweet aromas, licking the cream - with "visuals" aplenty. You have action, too - children running, hula hoops, sock hops, etc. I always enjoy your stories.

  4. Girlfriend, Thank you for that trip down Memory Lane. Those were the days weren't they?
    As usually I leave your posting smiling!

  5. From Peggy -
    your story "I am From" is so descriptive and marvelously written. That was my daughter's time , (she is 66 now)
    I was the one who was experiencing all the good ambience along with her as she grew, and it was good and simple and straightforward, so your story brought back many poignant feelings from that magical time.

    Your mention of the Helm's bakery trucks that came from door to door warmed my heart and believe it or not, I have one of the cabinets with pull-out drawers which you mention !! We acquired it from a friend who purchased a couple of them when their door to door selling stopped! A solid bit of history! (It is still filled with Joe's tools ! It gave him many years of faithful service.)

    And the Good Humor man when he approached our street in East L.A. always elicited a comment from my mother-in-law (same old broken record each time!) "here's the Good Humor man". I can still hear her guttural German accented speech announcing that it was time for us to go and obtain his oh- so-good ice cream.

    My mother- in -law had a dog, Troubles, who would go around the neighborhood, extricating the bottle caps from the milk bottles at each door and lick out the cream from the top. I could go on and on commenting on all your other memories as being part of my "where I am from." (Not my OWN "where I am from"s but from when my daughter was growing up.) Yolanda you brought back a flood of memories which have been dearly held in my heart.

  6. From Allison ~

    I love reading these. It's like I get to watch a little part of someone else's past. It definitely reminds me of my own childhood, both what I wish it could have been and what I'm glad it wasn't.

  7. You imagery is wonderful!!! So much action and detail. But I think the part I liked the best was how you summed it up - "an era of optimism for the future." Very inciteful. We were a lucky generation for a short while - after WWII we really thought we were on the way to making the world a better place. You should frame this and put it on your wall.