Monday, May 9, 2011

Two by Randy

V is for “A Valued Class of Vintage Memoirists”
By Randy Brandemihl

My senior memoir class is a very special group of people. The variety of their vivid backgrounds is one of the very things that make them valuable. Their vintage years and vivacious friendship is the very thing that binds us all together.
In the very beginning, we all came here seeking a variety of pleasurable pastimes, such as humor, knowledge, companionship and, of course, memoir writing.
Of that goal I feel, without a doubt, that we have all vanquished a darkness and found a very fine and victorious bright day.
Viva la Vida!!!

What Makes this Group Special?
By Randy Brandemihl

I would like to say thanks to this special group of memoir writers and explain what makes you more special than any group I’ve ever known.
The groups I’ve known in the past, beginning with my youth in grade school and going forward into my high school years and then my military service, all provided me with great memories. We were young then and shared such good things as movies, birthdays and first kisses. The groups in the military were different from the school groups. We were no longer children; we were men and women. My military friends and I shared good memories, but we also shared our fears and losses. My memories of those years are some of the worst and some of the best.
As we grow older we make all these great memories as we move down the long epic road of life. I’ve come to this group, here in one bright cheery room in Norwalk, all these years later and a million miles from where I was born. I’ve found a place where I could tell all my stories that I’ve collected over these years; not only that, but I’ve found great people that will listen and even enjoy my stories as I enjoy theirs.
Unlike the stories we told in school that revealed our youth and inexperience, the stories in this room are stories that reflect, collectively, over a thousand years of lifetime experiences. To tell them and to tell them well, we have become poets, storytellers and playwrights. Each one of you has touched my heart.
Thank you and our great group leader, Bonnie.

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  1. I was saddened to hear of the loss of our dear friend,Randy. He enjoyed Bonnie's writing class and wrote from his heart. His stories were always interesting and brought back many memories of "the good old days". He and Judy were an integral part of our group and will be greatly missed. May they rest in peace.