Saturday, May 7, 2011

A PRELUDE TO A SLEEP, by (Kacie) Kathy Cooper

My emotions exceed my power to contain them
And so I sleep...
Should I raise my voice and complain then?
T'would only make me weak

For who would hear my deepest sighs?
A trailing of the wind
And who-so-ever would recognize
The sadness I hide within

Only He who towers high on high
Beyond the marvels of existence
No time or space can ere deny
His beauty, his consistence

Be with me then, inside my darkness
Erase my "worldly" view
Tighten up my sense of sharpness
And let me see, see only You


  1. Kacie,

    Your poem astounds me. You have expressed a deeply human experience in such few words. That is the essence of true poetry.

  2. Kacie-This is a most remarkable piece of work. It reveals depths of you we have not seen before. Your growth in writing is undeniable. This is an excellent example!

  3. From Charlotte:

    Kacie you are a brilliant poet. Your words are lovely, thanks for sharing your inmost self with us.

  4. And you thought you weren't a poet... You are so good at making me laugh, this time you made me think! Thank you