Sunday, May 22, 2011

Remembering My Mom, by Charlotte Boquist

Here is a short sweet memory, appropriate for the month of May, when we remember our mothers. ~ Bonnie

“Hi mom,” I said softly, rousing her from a nap. She was sitting in the recliner in her room at the Good Shepherd nursing home, where she was spending her last years. “How are you this morning?”

She smiled, “Oh hello honey, have you been here long?”

“Just got here,” I assured her, “The weather is gorgeous this morning the sun is out and not a cloud in the sky.” I sat down in the other chair and felt a pang of sadness, looking at her once robust body now so shrunken and fragile.

Mom replied that she already knew it was a lovely day, the nurse had described it for her earlier. My mother has lost her sight to glaucoma and now must rely on others to describe the delights that lay outside the big window of her room. She had been an artist, creating beautiful paintings of landscapes and the animals that populate the Wyoming mountains and prairies.

“There is a robin hopping around on the lawn this morning”, I said.

“He is probably looking for a worm for his breakfast”, she said with the authority of an avid bird watcher.

“I’ve brought the paper, should I read to you for a while?” She smiled and I unfolded the newspaper and began to read the news of the day.



  1. Good Job! In just a few lines you set the mood, suttle emotiion, it was relective of a an important time in a seemingly ordinary time.

  2. That beautiful day is in your mind and heart forever.I know that your beautifully descriptive words helped her see the day clearly!

  3. Charlotte you walked us right into the room with you when you wrote this little tid bit about a time with your mother. You are good at doing that with all your stories. You easily set a mood in each story and take your listerners into the descripture details making it easy for them to see, understand and feel the situation. You have the makings of a good novel writer.

  4. As always. Heartwarming, Charlotte