Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things That I will carry into the New Year, by Yolanda Adele

This piece was originally published on this blog two years ago in January of 2011. The lessons learned are just as valid now as they were then.

I have learned that friendships can fill the void when family brings disappointments.

I have learned that grandchildren are God’s gift of a second chance.

I have learned from myself that change is necessary.

I have learned from the events of September eleventh that tomorrow is not a given.

I have learned from my husband that love brings comfort.

I have learned from my cat to nap when the tasks at hand are too trying.

I have learned from my homemaking that I don’t have excuses to be bored.

I have learned from my addiction to chocolate that some things are out of my control.

I have learned through my writing that I have something to say.

These are the life lessons that I hope to keep present in my mind as the New Year comes in with its new adventures and challenges.




I wish all my dear friends in my Memoir Group, Live Wires, and Writer’s West Workshop a New Year full of rewarding discoveries.


  1. You have learned valueable lessons. Some of which may have been painful to accept but others that will give you wonderful results as you put them into practice. Keep yourself open for more lessons---you will find life continues to teach us in every season of life.

  2. Dear Yolanda,
    Some of the good lessons I've learned, I've learned from you. You always have a kind word or positive thought to express no matter how things are around you. Enjoy that deserve it.
    your writer friend

  3. From Charlotte ~

    I especially LOVE what you learned from your cat.

  4. From Peggy ~
    Dear Yolanda, Thank you for telling us about the valuable lessons which you have learned. Commenting on "I have learned through my writing that I have something to say."..... Sometimes I wonder what things I have to say or whether I even have any, but I have found that often the very act of just putting my fingers on the keyboard and allowing my mind to open, beckons the muse who then brings the "something to say" into awareness and clarity! With me it is then that I realize that I, (or some one or who-ever), did have something to say after all! Same as you! Thanks for your lessons. Peggy

    1. I love this comment from Peggy. It speaks to the very heart of the experience of writing. That is exactly why this blog is called "write to remember. . ."