Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Am From, by Dora Silvers

Do you remember the “I am from” poems that we were publishing last year? Here is another one from Dora. It is a multi-layered memory, all caught in a few short stanzas. Read it slowly and savor the essence of another era.

I am from the depression era.
From New Jersey (the garden state)
Cold winters and hot summers.
Sled riding after dinner,
then a hot sweet potato with lots of butter
From the Horse & Wagon for 1 cent.

Chicken and chicken soup on Friday,
when mama would light the Shabbat candles.
Papa said the blessing over a small glass of homemade wine.
Saturday  mornings, we read from the old testament.

Movies were 10 cents,
with cartoons and a serial continued every week.
Sunday, my aunt and uncle came from New York.
Mama made salami with scrambled eggs and knishes -
Pastry dough wrapped over mashed potatoes,
Fried and drained on brown paper bags,
before paper towels.


  1. Dora, your story brings the era which you write about from the sub-conscious to the forefront vividly, with warm aromas,and feelings of rich abounding traditions. The beautiful photo sums it all up so well.

  2. Dora-- I loved seeing into your past. Your activities and Shabbat celebration. The food your mother prepared and the prices of movies compared to today, oh my, unbelievable. Also I never knew New Jersey was the Garden state. You told so much of where you are from in such few words. Loved it!

  3. Dora, I "adora" your stories. I always know I can get a smile on my face and an "aha", I remember. My first movie was a whole 50 cents. I sure wish sweet potatoes were still a penny.

  4. Dora, this piece seems to engage all of the senses. I love your stories (and my first movies were a quarter.)