Friday, December 28, 2012

At the end of the day, even the most wonderful Christmas sometimes leaves us feeling exhausted! Here is Gloria’s rendition of a mom’s experience when the Christmas festivities are over.




By Gloria Hannigan

It is the night of Christmas, and the house is a mess

Where to start cleaning, is anyone’s guess

I flop down in my new reclining chair

A snore from the bedroom signals, no help from there

The children are sound asleep in their beds

With cookies and candy canes alive in their heads

The mistletoe hangs by one wilted leaf

Having done its duty to encourage belief

The pine needles from the tree continue to drop

Where is the star that once shone at the top?

The eggnog is gone, not even a cherry

A sign that someone’s Christmas was merry

The stockings that once were hung with great care

Are scattered everywhere, the mantle is bare

I sit here alone feeling sorry for myself

I wish I’d asked Santa to lend me an elf

When in the back of my mind an image appears

Michael’s beaming face at his bike with 10 gears

I hear the squeal when Jenney unwraps her new doll

The kisses, the hugs, the excitement of it all!

You’ll hear me exclaim as the vacuum kicks in

Yes, I will be doing this again and again

Illustration from Peter Spier's Christmas!



  1. The exact feelings a mother has after Christmas has been unwrapped and the big moment of anticipation has passed. The day is spent including Mom. But she knows she will do it again because she loves her children and that is what Christmas is all about. That is as much of a gift to her children as the bike and the doll. That is a perfect Christmas and Gloria because you are that mom you are able to write with the experience about the love Christmas cantains.

  2. As always Gloria, spoken with such humor and grace.
    I like the part about Santa lending you an elf. :-D Thanks

  3. From Charlotte ~
    What a talent! And sooooo true. Love it.

  4. Gloria, you always manage to capture life's moments with such clarity and wit, that is why your stories resonate and are endeared.
    I look forward to your New Year's story.