Friday, December 21, 2012

A CHRISTMAS STORY, by Gloria Hannigan

Although I already published this piece on the blog a couple of years ago, it is SO worth repeating. If you have never read it, you will be delighted. And if you’ve read it before? Well, you will be delighted again. It shows off Gloria’s wonderful wit and writing style and gives a great glimpse into our class. And this time, it does something else. It is a sweet and poignant reminder of some precious souls who are no longer with us. Please take time to read and comment.

T’was the week before Christmas  and all through Memoir class
Not a person was missing, nary a lass.
The seniors were nestled snug in their seat
Waiting for the teacher,  Bonnie to greet.
When all through the classroom murmurs did sound.
Through the open doorway Bonnie did bound.
She opened her briefcase with a practiced ease
Turned to us all and said,”Quiet, Please.”
We went right to work our stories to read
We laughed and we cried whatever the need
Then promptly at the hour of three
A festive Christmas feast we did see
We arose from our chairs to eat our fill
Secretly hoarding that antacid pill
On Mina, On Judy, Randy, Kasey and all
Come Evelyn, Margaret, Dora don’t stall
Its time for this tale to come to a close
So from her chair, Bonnie arose
We heard her exclaim as she drove out of sight
“Merry Christmas to all, and remember to write!"


  1. Ahh, the memories. You are such a fun writer Gloria. Loved it.

  2. Gloria, Your stories all make me smile. They feel familar. I have always enjoyed your humor.
    Happy and safe holiday!

  3. Gloria --I don't know when you wrote this poem, I sure don't remember it, but then I am one of those seniors mentioned,that must be the reason. Being a senior, everything is always new. Gosh golly it was such a fun poem but of course you know I love all your poems and stories. Write more, write more.

  4. I love your sense of humor, Gloria.

  5. Yeap, you certainly captured the the essence of our special time together. What fun it is to read your musese!