Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving ABC's by Kacie Cooper

Thanksgiving is only 3 days away. Have you written down your thankfulness list yet? Here is Kacie’s.  Read and enjoy.

Anyone who will listen to me
Benny-Michael Benny, my 2nd born, beautiful son
Cool breezes on warm night and catsup-(didn't they used to spell it that way?)
Dill pickles, door knobs and daylight
Elijah Abraham-my 8th month old beautiful Grandson
Fingers, flushing toilets
God and girlfriends from "Memoirs"
Humor and hunger (sometimes) to remind me how blessed I am to live in America
Intuition, internet
Jokes, Jingle Bell songs, Justin Bieber (for my granddaughter Tiana)
Knowledge, know-it-alls
Love, laughter, life, I Love Lucy, leeks and Looney Toons
Mimi Marissa and Monique- my two beautiful daughters
Nieces and nephews, nails, new life, new experiences, new friendships and noodles
Oregon and my final trip there with my beautiful, late Brother Michael
Patti- my precious baby sister
Quirky friends and quick forgivings
Restoration of depressed and broken hearts
Sun light that leads our way
Tony-my beautiful 1st born son and Tiana Kathleen my beautiful Granddaughter
Underwater scuba divers who save lives underwater...somewhere
Violin I still have from childhood but can't play-will handdown to Tiana now
Wuzzy, the Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear- even though he truly wasn't
X-even though it's the least used alphabet we've got
Yolanda, my big sister- even though I think I'm older than her
Zilch-(just the word, not the real meaning)

Thank you and I thank God for each and everyone of you in our "Memoir" class-you make me smile!


  1. I can just see you reading this, and that adds the warm feelings as well as the humor to this list. Thanks Kaci for always making us smile.

  2. Don't know if I'm with God and girlfriends or with Quirky friends but happy to be in either group!

  3. Dear little Sis, you have an passion for writing, and in so doing you are discovering a new side of yourself, your whimsy. I love watching and listening to your thought provoking humor.
    Love, Y