Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving ABC's by Bonnie Mansell

For the last few years my class has been sharing our Thanksgiving blessings in the form of an alphabetical list. It's a fun (and a little bit challenging) way to think about the things we are thankful for. Although I generally publish only one or two posts a week, if you send me your ABC list, I'll be happy to post them each day in the order I get them. I'd love to hear from you :)

This assignment allows for only VERY SHORT explanations, so you may not understand each item on someone’s list. That’s okay. Just enjoy the expression of gratitude.

Autumn ~ in California

Babysitting Adaya ~ What a precious gift!

Cousins and almost cousins ~ the blessing of reconnection

Date nights ~ with Steve

Eucharisteo ~ Ann Voskamp’s reminder to give thanks

Facebook ~Yes, I’m thankful for Facebook

Guarding the heart of your marriage ~ retreat planning and participation
Hospitable kids ~ what a joy to see them welcome others into their lives!

Ice cream ~ on Friday nights

Jury duty ~ inconvenient, but a reminder of our rights and responsibilities

Kids who love each other

Learning to golf

Mountain retreat ~ in Arrowhead with the family

New hearts ~ physical and spiritual

Outdoor music ~ in the park, Hollywood Bowl, Irvine, Downtown Disney

Pebble Beach ~ Golfing with Steve at Peter Haye across from the good golfers!

Quarters ~ (and nickels, dimes, and pennies) saved in our World Vision jar.

Renovations ~ Disrupting our lives, but bringing out the best in my family of hard workers.

Seventeen mile drive ~ breathtaking beauty and time together

Thursdays ~ my weekly blessing!

UCLA ~ Cardiac and Thoracic surgery gave us both a longer and better life

Volunteering~ opportunities with World vision

Walks ~ with my husband as he recovered from surgery. Sweet, tender times.

Xing ~ off my “to do list”

Young-at-heart friends and family ~  

Zzzzz’s ~ especially Sunday afternoon naps


  1. All things to be definately thankful for! We are blessed arent we!

  2. Bonnie If I were to sum up your Thanksgiving ABC's it would be to say you are thankful for your family for your ABC's center around them. How much you love them and it surely shows. They surely must know what a great wife and mom you are.

  3. Bonnie, your list coveys your deep seeded gratitiude for your God given grace, and blessings. I'm sure you put a smile on God's face, as well as those who appreciate you, not just for what you do, but who you are.
    Love, Y