Friday, April 13, 2012

Y is for the “Young at Heart Years,” By Dora Silvers

Here is a treat from Dora, who is truly young at heart. 

          Yesterday, in our Thursday “Memoir Writing” class, there was yet another yarn told to us about an interesting vacation. It was about trip to Yellowstone, where Mary also camped as a youngster of ten. Now as a grandmother, she brought her two young grandchildren of eight and ten to Yellowstone National Park, the oldest and largest park in the United States.

        Last week another classmate read a story of his vacation in Yosemite National Park, which is located in central California. There were a few young sequoia trees among the large and old trees. Some are 27 feet in diameter and 3,000 years old.

        Another classmate attended Brigham Young University when he lived in Utah. He told tales of his youth during his college days at this interesting school.

        Yes, we enjoy all the yarns of adventure and interesting places that were visited during our classmates’ younger years. Now they are sharing their memories with the younger generation.


  1. I love how all these stories take you on a trip with out ever having to leave your sofa!!!!

  2. From Charlotte to Dora ~

    And then there is You, dear young at heart!

  3. Dear Dora,I appreciate that you remind us how our stories of places we've visited in our youth can be of interest to the next generation. Good Job

  4. Dora, you are definitely young at heart and a role model for us all!