Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas, 2010 -- by Peggy Knorr

Christmas was different for me this year. 
I was surrounded by a multitude of wonderful friends, both in physical and spiritual form, who gave me of their limitless love and caring while Joe, my husband of just under 65 years, began his final journey into the great beyond.  

From his 95th birthday on December 13th, to Christmas Eve, when he slipped peacefully away, I was comforted and supported by their great and bountiful caring. 

Especially, I hold my undying gratitude to Michelle, my beautiful neighbor, who was constantly present in every aspect of this difficult time. From every turn this drama took as it unfolded, from the decision making times, the exasperating times, the physical strength-needing times, the spiritual wisdom-needing times, to the inevitable comical times, and her willingness to be available at any hour of day or night with her undivided, support, I am awed and eternally thankful. Because of her it was possible to have this hallowed experience at home where we all wanted it to be.

For all my friends and family, known or unknown, I send this message of love and appreciation.


  1. Peggy,

    God bless you for your longterm marriage and the faithful care you gave Joe during his last days. You were surrounded by loving friends because you give so much of yourself to others.

  2. Peggy I am sorry for your loss. I know in some ways you lost Joe long ago when he no longer was able to live in the reality of his surroundings. That of course was a sorrowing time for you as well as for him. Now in the final stage of him being gone I am happy you have good friends to be there with you physically and spiritually.

  3. My dear Peggy, You fought a valiant fight. You can be proud that as difficult as it was you carried on- on your terms. You were able to keep joe at home in familiar surroundings.
    You may be petite in stature-but you have a big and brave heart. From the first time I met you I told you that I saw something very special in you that I admire and makes me feel inspired.
    Joe was so very fortunate to have you as his soul-mate!!!!!!!! Take comfort in that!!!!!!!!!