Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010 -- The Maine Event, by Evelyn Watson

Maine was the main event of 2010. After spending a month in Maine the year before, we were enticed to return for a longer period of time- this time staying for a total of ten weeks. It was more than a vacation or an escape from routine; for me it was the opportunity to live life another way. I never found myself anxious or longing to return home because I was involved in life there.

Not only is the landscape of Maine attractive, the summer climate is comfortable with relatively no humidity to speak of, as the rest of the east coast. The wide open land, much different than surroundings here in California, gives me a sense of peace and tranquility.

Driving along wooded roads and beautiful farm land scenes kept the wheels of my mind turning as the naturalness of the land captured my thoughts with how life would be living there. Life is not as fast paced as here and no one seems in a hurry to get things done, yet I think it strange that many I encountered there seemed anxious, nervous, and fearful.

Maine’s landscapes of peace and serenity coincide with the peace in me; and being in its presence I experienced the calmness both within and without. But I question if I would want to live there. Yes, for a time each year, but no, not as my permanent home. My family lives here!

Also, I am nearing an age where I may need their assistance, which I hope not to the point of interfering in their lives, but still may need their advice and assistance to perform for myself without relying on them totally. And I’m not sure I could learn to live comfortably with the cold of Maine’s winter.

But to spend summer’s there as I did in 2010 would be something to look forward to each year and exciting to once again each year re-visit friends and engage in the simple activities of Maine living. I am reminded of when families packed up and spent their summers at the beach; a favorite holiday of Victorian days.

All I need is a summer home in Maine and money to travel back and forth.


  1. Dear Evelyn,

    You make Maine sound just as applealing as any place abroad. I like how your words make the reader take pause and consider the vast beauty in our own country. It is interesting also that you note that even people living in a climate of peace and tranqulity face the same demons as those in the large, faster pace cities. But still there is so much to reap from a condusive climate, natural beauty surroundings and to be able to remind those who forget that they are truely fortunate to live in a state of nature's "Main Event."

  2. Dear Evelyn,
    I have never been to Maine and your description would certainly entice me to visit there. Having lived in many places, I have come to the conclusion that each has its own charm. In the end I think "home" is where the heart is and that is usually where are families are.
    I hope your dream of buying a summer home in Maine comes true!