Thursday, December 9, 2010

Country Road, by Noemi S. Rabina

I am a country road stretching from town to a remote village. I am being traveled by all people from all walks of life. Employees from town will walk in groups to the end of the road where they work in a Power Plant. People from the village will also walk to town for different purposes; like selling their goods, or buying commodities they need at home.

Being in a rural place, I am not as attractive as those in the metropolitan areas. I look rugged especially where I have lots of turns. Wild trees have grown on both sides, their leaves as big as elephant ears.  As the wind blows, it gives a whispering sound. Who would dare walk alone on this lonely road?

However, I always look forward on Sunday mornings when five sisters will come out and joyfully walk together on my humble path. It is a joy for me to listen to their laughter, their songs of hymns, and their words of inspiration. I bet they are going to church, rain or shine. They will take off their shoes and walk bare foot to feel the cool earth on my side and the running stream of rain water. 

One will describe the beauty of the wild flowers unnoticed by other passersby, the dancing leaves of the wild trees, and the song of birds, big and small. Showers come and they were drawn closely together under a big black umbrella. Three heads drawn sided by side; one small head in front and another small head at the back. They move slowly as one, to my delight, as they scream with laughter that echo all the way.

Before sunset, they are on their way back home to where they call their paradise hill.  They started as five going to town and returned with gentlemen escorts from their church. The air is filled with brotherly/sisterly love. I am not a lonely country road after all. 


  1. Dear Noemi,

    I found your story quite charming from the country roads' perspective. It reminds me of when I've stood before hundered year old trees and I've wondered to myself or said a aloud "If only these trees could talk, what wonderful, insightful stories and lessons we could learn."
    Thank you for letting my mind skip down your country road. It was a refreshing experience.

  2. Hi! Noemi, How your writing has grown!!!!!! I love how you let your imagination take a trip as the road being traveled instead of the people traveling it. Gloria

  3. As always, I enjoyed your story. It makes me wonder about other well traveled roads around our planet and what they might say. Gail

  4. Noemi, I envied those five sisters and their obviously wonderful bond. But you really personnafied the road and how adding the sisters removed the loneliness of the road. How true to life. I really enjoyed this.

  5. From Charlotte:

    Thanks for the really interesting story. I have not ever thought about writing from another's perspective, either a person or an inanimate object that you used like the road. It was a lovely story, and what a nice way to remember your sisters.

  6. From Kacie:

    Wow! I had to read this several times it was just so beautiful; like an expanded version of what you would find in a beautiful card from Hallmark. It was so deep and I am not. But thank you for letting me into something so far-out.
    God bless

  7. Noemi, this was your best story. I liked so much how you took a simple road and gave it not only depth but widened it with your perspective.