Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas Story, by Gloria Hannigan

T’was the week before Christmas

and all through Memoir class,

Not a person was missing, nary a lass.

The seniors were nestled snug in their seat

Waiting for the teacher, Bonnie, to greet.

When all through the classroom murmurs did sound,

Through the open doorway Bonnie did bound.

She opened her briefcase with a practiced ease,

Turned to us all and said,” Quiet, please.”

We went right to work our stories to read;

We laughed and we cried whatever the need.

Then promptly at the hour of three

A festive Christmas feast we did see.

We arose from our chairs to eat our fill,

Secretly hoarding that antacid pill.

On Mina, On Judy, Randy, Kasey and all

Come Evelyn, Margaret, Dora don’t stall

It’s time for this tale to come to a close

So from her chair, Bonnie arose.

We heard her exclaim as she drove out of sight

“Merry Christmas to all, and remember to write.”

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  1. Gloria, Aren't You so clever!! Writing a poem to the "Night Before Christmas' original would be a good assignment for Bonnie to have everyone do for next year don't you think, like she did with the magic of an ordinary day.

  2. From Charlotte:

    I just LOVE it!!!

  3. Dear Gloria,
    What a very clever and enjoyable writing! I always look forward to your presentations. They are fun and down-home. This season is difficult for many, and your poetic twist on the "Night Before Christmas" is a welcome uplift.