Friday, October 22, 2010

My Life is an Elevator, By Yolanda Adele

My life is an elevator
It is often crowded with people,
And their psychological baggage.
Some play with my down button,
And the jerks descend me into despair.
The doors slide open;
People get off and others come in.
Some know to push my up button,
Which lifts my moods to a joyful level.
That’s how life is …Full of ups and downs.
Might as well learn to enjoy the ride.


  1. Thanks for the smile, Yolanda. Sometimes it's best if we don't take things too seriously!

  2. Very, very clever, "Metaphor" Yolanda! I have learned a lot from you and Bonnie about writing stories using metaphors. Oh how I wish I could see life as easily as you do from such a clever and entertaining viewpoint. I will keep learning from you until I gain more confidence to attempt writing "metaphor style." I always enjoy your stories and your commentary on the stories written by others.

  3. A nice simile of your life. I think we all can identify with an elevator in our lives at times. At least the elevator is much better than the roller coaster which hurles one from joy to depression with lightening speed and leaves us with no time for reflection as to why. The elevator moves slower giving us some time to adjust.

  4. From Ginger: Good one, Yolanda.

  5. Yolanda, I too am tempted to fall prey to despairing thoughts when my "bad" buttons are pushed, and then rise in exhilaration when the "good" ones are touched. But then when I remind myself of the old Taoist saying which goes something like this..."the naming of good and bad is the sickness of the mind," I can then see and call things "different" instead of designating values to them, and I find it easier to go along for a more balanced and enjoyable ride. It's often difficult to do, but not impossible. (Don't always achieve it, but for ever endeavoring to change the game!) Love Peggy

  6. From Kacie:


    I hope I finally figured out how to leave a message. Let's see...
    Oh my goodness! That poem was so awesome! Well let me put it this way... it had its ups and downs. But as I was reading it I went into my own self, my own life and what I go through and with just a few lines you managed to capture so many feelings about how life really is. I especially enjoyed the ending cause it had a very good thought about how we should treat life. I loved it! It should be on a greeting card in the category of "encouragement".
    Okay now, I'll try to send this. We'll see. Let me know.
    God bless, Kacie

  7. Yolanda,
    If we didn't have an occasional down, we'd never be able to really appreciate the ups!

  8. Brilliant as usual Yolanda. Loved it!