Monday, October 25, 2010

More Thoughts on Games, by Margaret (Peggy) Knorr

From Bonnie -- This started out as a comment on my "games" story, but, as you can see, Peggy had a story of her own to share. We agreed that this deserves a post of its own.

Dear Bonnie,

I love your description of games providing "the setting for many of those ordinary moments that shimmer in the fabric of our memories." To me, games and play and child-likeness are the very attitudes which we need so we can experience the sparkling shimmerings which our memories have for us; and not only for our recollections but also for the enjoyment of the present moments in our living. Carolyn, this frail woman, so close to death, must have had a child like heart which allowed her to revel in the enjoyment of those game players whom she was watching. 

It brings to mind a recent observance I had regarding my 94 year old demented husband, Joe.  His normal bearing is one of dissatisfaction with his physical, mental and emotional state.... a grumpy old man!  For the most part his face and body have a dejected, depressed and often angry look, but one day I was incredulously surprised and absolutely fascinated to see his boyish glee and excitement return for a little while when three of our male friends sat down at our table and joined me in a game of dominoes.

Joe sat with us but could not participate because of degenerated eyesight and his faulty cognition did not allow him understanding of the game, but his actions and the obvious delight he was getting from watching us and hearing our bantering and loud explosive laughter, must have touched a playful shimmering spark from his memories. Not only was his face transformed into enjoyment but his whole bearing was rejuvenated.

The treat he gave us with his verbalizations of his reactions was to me, astounding. Joe was loving listening and observing and was allowing himself to enjoy an "ordinary" moment in the little reprieve he had been given that day and it was indeed a joyful spiritual moment for all of us.

Yes Bonnie, as with your homey and comforting feelings while listening to your family playing, which you describe so well, we do not have to look far to be drawn into the depths of the spiritual life.  Like the laughing Buddha's reverence, it is all importantly spiritual...   


  1. Dearest Peggy, I always learn so much from your insightful obervations and comments. I have never meet a keener mind than yours- at any age. Even in the mist of caring for Joe all alone, and facing new challenging obsticles- with every passing day you still manage to find kernels and nuggets of optimism, and enthusiasm. I believe that you really do entertain the "fairy" muses and they do well by you also.
    I hope that you will continue to share your thoughts, wisdom and stories on our blog. YOu already know that I'm a fan of your writing.
    Love, Yolanda

  2. Yolanda, Talk about you being a fan of my writing,.... I am a fan of your's BIG TIME! I think the "fairy muses" are operating for you also! Love Peggy

  3. From Kacie:

    I just loved your encouraging story. It's wonderful when we can see happy, child-like feelings emerge from people who we had probably long ago given up ever seeing. Se how we inspire each other through our writing? Love it.
    God bless,

  4. Peggy your story is proof of the power games play in freeing us from inhabitions and in the case of your husband depression. Releasing those emotions otherwise held in gives us and others a different perspective on life. It makes me now think when someone says I don't play games what are they afraid of.

  5. From Charlotte:

    Absolutly marvelous!!