Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Veteran's Day, by Caleb J. Gomez, 12 years old

My Papa, Victor Adele was a Marine. He served our country in Vietnam.

Now he is a volunteer at my Troop 93 meetings and outings. He has taught me how I can serve my community and my country by being the best Boy Scout of America.

My Papa says,  I can be like a  Marine  even if I' am only 12 years old by always doing my  best, and never giving up when I have trouble putting up my tent,  tying my knots, and calling out color-guard commands, and folding the flag correctly in a triangle shape and going on hard hikes.

 I want to wish my Papa and all the people who have served in the wars a happy Veterans day.


  1. You are such a lucky boy, Caleb, to have such a loving grandfather. And he is very blessed to have such a loving and appreciative grandson.

  2. Caleb, The smile I see on your face when your with your Papa, tells me how much you each love the others company. Striving to be the best at what you do is a trait that you and your Papa can both be proud of.

  3. From Kacie:
    You are learning wonderful life lessons. What better way than from someone you really love...your Grandpa Vic? I wish more kids had this opportunity. I know you truly appreciate it because it shows in your writing! Keep writing and keep being inspiration to everyone!
    God bless. Kacie Cooper

  4. From Charlene:
    The smiles on your faces in the photo with your wonderful tribute tells us that you and your Papa have a very special relationship. I wish I could be as focused as you are in your writing. I get too wordy sometimes. You are quite a talented writer, and I hope you write many more stories. And ... be sure to share them with others to enjoy, too.
    Charlene Farnsworth

  5. From Kay Quick
    Caleb: In reading your first article about you and Grandpa Vic.....the first thought that crossed my mind was
    that love, learning and respect are very strong in your relationship. You are experiencing a very special bond which
    few grandparents enjoy. How lucky and rich you are to be able to feel this joy. Your words describing this were
    very touching to me.


    Kay Quick

  6. Dear caleb. What a great tribute to your papa! You will never forget as you go along life's journey the words your papa has spoken and will remember long after he has gone the things he teaches you. You are so lucky to have a loving godly papa who loves you unconditionally as you also love him. He served his country well and he is serving mankind well by teaching you and other young boys how to be men. Your writing is an example of your gratitude to your papa and those others who have served and are serving this country. What a great sense of gratitude your papa has for you as well.

    Your friend, Evelyn Watson

  7. From Jacqui:

    Caleb, I really enjoyed reading your story about your hero marine "papa". I'm sure he is as proud of you as you are of him, and how fortunate both of you to have each other. You have been blessed with someone who helps you to understand what it means to be a productive member of our society, and someone who truly cares about people. Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of your life with us.

  8. Great job, Caleb! What a nice way to honor Papa. We love you both!!

  9. From Karen:
    Yolanda, please tell Caleb that we are so impressed by what he wrote about his love and respect for his Grandpa. It is so wonderful that he is spending time with him and learning those skills like knot tying and flag folding. That has to be pretty complicated. Best of all, what a loving and sweet tribute to his Grandpa and all veterans! We are all proud of your twelve year old grandson! Karen

  10. From Rosalie:
    Dear Caleb,

    That was such a nicely-written tribute to your grandfather and other veterans.
    I really liked the photo of you and Papa with those beautiful mountains in
    the distance.
    It is obvious from your appreciation and reverence for your Papa that you
    have already, at age 12, learned some important lessons from him....respect,
    admiration, trust, and doing one's best even though the "going gets tough."
    I guess you know you have been very fortunate to have had such a close
    and loving relationship with your generous grandfather . There is no doubt
    you will grow into as fine a man as he is.
    Keep writing, Caleb. Maybe next time about your grandmother?
    Rosalie Sciortino

  11. From Revan:

    Thank you Papa, for your service protecting our nation, it is deeply appreciated. The sacrifices you and so many others have made have contributed to the overall peace and safety of our nation.

    Before my injuries, it had been my plan to stand side by side with the Marines after college. Now, I can instead stand behind our service members and their families, and do what I can to help defend their honor and memories as a new member of the Patriot Guard. It's the least I can do.

    Thank you.


  12. Caleb -- what a wonderful tribute honoring how your grandfather has influenced your mighty life. You're honoring your public commitments just like your grandpa did when he was that dutiful, young man honoring his pledge to our wonderful country. You're the heroic Caleb-- having a powerful positive influence on all.

  13. Caleb, I'm so very proud of you. You were able to express what was in your heart, clearly and honestly. I hope that writing this article is only the beginning of your growing confidence in yourself.
    Love you more, Nana

  14. From Papa: Caleb I'm honored that you picked me to write about for the newspaper. You did a good job of expressing yourself. I'm proud of you too.