Thursday, October 24, 2013

One more Gift, by Karen Borrell

A strange plant in our yard,
My husband said, “It’s a weed!”
It smelled to me like tomato
I said, “The wind blew us a seed.”

Afraid to pull another plant,
He let the green leaves grow
In friendly soil it grew quite tall
Small blooms began to show.

He began to daily check the plant,
Give it water and tie support.
Soon green fruit began to appear
Although the time seemed short.

Now full, bright red and ripe
Juicy warm from the sun,
I wonder how such a miracle
Came so sweetly to my tongue!


  1. Beautiful, Karen. We had the same volunteer plant in our yard, growing up and around a rose bush. You have described the experience so well.

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  3. A sweet expression of gratitude