Monday, June 18, 2012

PINK, by Charlene Farnsworth

Are you in a good mood? You will be after you read this creative color poem from Charlene!

Pink’s my very favorite hue

And I’ll share why with all of you

A combination—red and white

A dainty color, a delight

Garden flowers are sensations—

Roses, tulips and carnations

Cherry blossoms on a tree

A pinkish sky, so nice to see

Feeling “in the pink” is grand

Without a “pink slip” in one’s hand

On holidays, pink’s all around—

An Easter egg a kid has found

A Valentine, a pinkish shade

Perhaps one that a child has made

Pink is known for little girls

With pink barrettes to hold their curls

Frilly little baby clothes

And a baby’s tiny nose

Ribbon on a loved one’s gift

Always gives a special lift

And, of course, we must remember

The pinky ring upon one’s finger

Pink’s the color of some foods

To put us all in happy moods:

Ambrosia apples with their blush

Grapefruit before the morning rush

Animal crackers with sprinkled tops

Bubblegum that’s full of “pops”

Gumdrops and some jellybeans

(a real favorite with the teens)

Pink lemonade is such a treat

Pink-boxed donuts; that is neat!

Frosted cupcakes, cotton candy

Always make us feel quite dandy

Pink animals are but a few:

Flamingos, pigs, a cockatoo

Some silly ones come into mind:

The panther and the elephant kind

 Pink can be symbolic, too

Familiar ones for all of you:

Cancer Awareness, #1

Mary Kay’s “cads” give us some fun

Pepto-Bismol soothes our tummy

But it doesn’t taste so yummy

Shears that cut serrated lines

Making patterns oh so fine

Cuts that zigzag here and there

Add some charm to what we wear

Pink is personal to me—

Some lasting images I see:

The color of my dress was grand

Upon a camel on the sand

Though this was back in ’65

The memory is still alive

The covers to my recent book—

Pink gives it quite a classy look

Pretty pink is all around

And, with this writing, I have found

My favorite color sure is PINK

Now even more than I did think!


  1. I love your poems, Charlene.
    They're clever, they show a lot of thought, and they always make me smile.

  2. Very much like you Charlene, girly and sweet. I sure enjoyed it.

  3. I didn't think there were so many pink things. As always, your poetry is delightful!

  4. After reading your lovely, thoughtful poem, I think "Pink" is my new favorite color.

  5. From Ginger ~

    Loved reading Charlene's pink poem--such a pleasure--lots of thought went into it, it seems. I am more visual than auditory so noted things I didn't when hearing it in class. Ginger

  6. Delightful poem! Doubt I could have thought of so many things pink. Charlene, should we say you are in the pink or into pink?