Monday, May 21, 2012

For Julie and me-to help us remember the stuff we are made of, by Charlotte Boquist

Do you know what you are made of? This is a powerful tribute to the women in Charlotte’s family. It is a reminder that we are connected to the past and the future in ways we seldom understand.

 (Looking back so we can look forward)

These women whose genes we bear,
A common thread will soon appear,
Determined looks, a musical ear,
Their belief in God carried them through.

These women whose genes we bear,
All had courage beyond compare,
Standing tall, beside their men,
Clearing the unbroken dry ground,
Of its sagebrush and cactus.
Together they turned the hard rocky earth,
And harvested crops to see them through.

These women whose genes we bear,
Were survivors, following their men,
Though not always in agreement,
Were steadfast and determined to the end.

These women whose genes we bear,
Were cooks for the family and crew,
Baking many loaves of bread and pots of stew,
Washing and ironing, all by hand,
They had babies, though not all survived.

These women whose genes we bear,
Had an artistic side,
With needle and thread,
With pen and paper,
 With paint and canvas.
They left behind their creations for us to treasure,
As we remember these women whose genes we bear.


  1. One of my favorite poems about women. Thanks Charlotte for being one of these women. Beautiful.

  2. Charlotte, a tribute to your ancestors and legacy for you and Julie to find the strength for surviving today's life experiences. To know your past is to predict the future. Women of your past truly were survivors; you and Julie are among them.

  3. Dear Charlotte, I have always sensed that you come from such strong stock, now I know why. And you carry on in the same traidtion of your ancesters in this 'new brave world.'I hope that you will keep writing about these strong women, stiring up more memories of them for all to appreciate.

  4. Beautiful, touching tribute! I loved this poem!

  5. You have such a gift for writing, Charlotte.
    Beautiful poem.