Friday, October 28, 2011

K is for Kindness, by Shirley Mark

It is especially poignant to read stories from our classmates who can no longer share our Thursday afternoons with us. This piece is a reminder of a very special friend. Shirly was one of my very first students when I began teaching memoirs in Downey. She stayed with me when the Downey class was closed and participated in our Norwalk group for many years. Although she can no longer be with us in class, we remember her with love and gratitude. ~ Bonnie

Kindness – the quality or state of being kind; good will; graciousness; kindhearted.

        All of the above reflect the kindness I have felt in the Downey writing class and in this one in Norwalk. How fortunate I was – how fortunate I am.

        Last week I went into my son’s old room, which is now used for anything and everything, looking for a photo. Going through papers, scrap book pages, etc., I found a letter from a Downey student expressing how much she enjoyed hearing about my travels. Next to it was a photo of the class which had been given to me, “in friendship.”

That was and is typical of the kindness that begins with the instructor and filters through the excellent and kind students. Am I lucky to be a part of the warmth, friendliness and kindness of that class? You bet!!!

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  1. Shirley and I were the orginal memoir members. We learned more about eachother through our stories than most friends or family members could ever learn outside of our memoir group.
    I will always miss the telling of her adventures as a single independant woman of her time.