Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ABC's, By Jeanne Seldon

I hope you enjoy this very creative piece which captures the essence of our class in such a fun way!   -- By the way, I love all of these, but I think that "K" may be my favorite. Which one is yours? -- Bonnie

A    Is for awakening as better writers, by writing weekly with a good teacher.
B    Is for belonging to a group of supportive writers.
C    Is for considering new ideas and choosing new topics for writing each week.
D    Is for deciding what we think is important to write about from our lives
E    Is for exploring our thoughts and expressing our ideas through our writing.
F     Is for finding our voice as writers and for expressing our feelings by writing.
G    Is for growing as writers and gaining insights about our lives as we write.
H    Is for hearing the ideas of other writers as they share what they write.
I       Is for inquiring about a variety of ways to approach our writing.
J     Is for the joy of joining a friendly group of supportive fellow writers.
K    Is for kicking ideas around in our heads until we find the best way to write about them.
L     Is for listening to others and gaining feedback about our writing.
M    Is for meeting each week to discuss and share what we write.
N    Is for needing feedback from an audience of writers to help us get better.
O   Is for opening up to others to become more comfortable about our writing.
P     Is for planning what we want to write about next and putting it on paper.
Q    Is for questioning ourselves and each other about our writing.
R     Is for reading and re-reading what we write and revising it to make it better.
S    Is for sharing our writing with others and saving our writing in our memoirs.
T    Is for our terrific teacher who really helps us to think about our writing
U    Is for understanding our lives better by writing about what matters to us.
V     Is for volunteering to share our writing in class without fear of criticism.
W    Is for writing willingly with wisdom about what is important in our lives.
X     Is for eXamining new ideas, strategies, and approaches for writing.
Y     Is for yearning to improve our writing by learning and writing more.
Z     Is for zooming in on our life experiences and writing about them with zest.


  1. From Charlotte:

    How very clever! It made me smile this morning Thanks.

  2. O is my favorite. I'm writing this again because the blog monster ate my first comment. My writing group has helped me with O. You have to re-read it if you want to know which one it was. Thanks Bonnie