Monday, April 4, 2011

Thoughts on healing and love, by Annette Skarin

How swiftly my life slips
through the hourglass allotted me
I try to make sense of the plots and characters
woven between each line

I reduce the monsters to peons
one-dimensional and harmless
I listen intently for my real name
which only my Creator knows.

My story flows from my pen
The ink dries with each healing word
leaving a permanent trail of discovery
My abusers become powerless
with each forgiving thought

Today a friend said
“I love you, Annette”
leaving me warm and full
Today my Father whispers to my heart
I love you my child – if I will be still and listen
The denouement of my story is His


  1. Annette, This poem is so in-depth. It captures the very depths of your soul beautifully. I like the lines " I reduce the monsters to peons" and "I listen intently for my real name which only my creator knows" It is the monsters who lie to us and call us names which we are not. When we are able to quieten the monsters we can hear our Father's voice without the rabble of disturbance and then peace flows in our veins.

  2. Your healing words convey the mysteriously wonderful process that is taking place in you.
    Love, Yolanda

  3. From Charlotte:

    WOW!!! That is wonderful, thanks for sharing.