Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wrapping in the Fog, by Annette Skarin

I had a long week. The Thursday of my writing class I fell off my bike (my Paul Frank baby blue beach cruiser with the blue butterfly bell). The Saturday and Sunday before that, I spent several hours in the hospital because of a reaction to some medication. This caused muscle spasms.

When I woke up the next Monday morning, I reached over to hit the snooze button on my alarm. The realization that I was supposed to be making my daughter her lunch reached into my foggy brain; and pulled me out of bed. I groped my way into the kitchen. My brain kicked into automatic gear. Unzip her lunchbox, pull out the cilantro-jalapeƱo tortillas; the cream cheese; honey smoked turkey; cranberry sauce; and then the lettuce from the refrigerator to make a wrap.

I slathered the tortilla with the cream cheese, piled on some turkey, and what I thought was a good amount of cranberries, and then after piling on the lettuce, I began to roll the whole thing tightly. Cranberries began to ooze out of the sides. They plopped on the cutting board, dropped on the floor, and smeared all over the outside of the tortilla.

As my daughter walked into the kitchen and saw me holding up two cranberry-red hands, she commented, “Having trouble with the cranberries Mom?” By the time my daughter left the house-I was still cleaning up the gooey red stuff while mumbling to myself.

And that’s a wrap, folks.


  1. Those are the days when we have to be gentle with our selves and to remember to be sympathic to others when it's their turn at days like those.
    "God wisely designed the the human body so we can neither pat ourselves on the back or kick
    ourseves too easily."

  2. From Kacie:

    Funny, funny funny! What a compact, cute story. It sure sounded delicious. Hope your daughter ended up leaving with that wrap.
    I've never tried one made exactly the way you made it... but hey, I'm gonna try it now.

  3. Seems a lot of life is like a wrap. Things just keep oozing out making a mess of our days.

  4. so true Evelyn. I liked your analogy. Yes Kacie she did leave with the wrap - only a slightly pink one. I like to laugh at myself. Anonymously, Annette