Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks, by Gloria Hannigan

I am thankful for –

Time to remember the past
Health of body and spirit
Acts of kindness received
Nature’s colors revealed
Knowledge gained through living
Smiles shared with strangers
Generous spurts of humor
Intelligence still growing
Variety in friendships
Imagination in abundance
New days ever dawning
Gifts of shared laughter

For more of Gloria's stories, please visit: Gloria's Blog


  1. Gloria -- I would just like to affirm that you are definitely gifted with "imagination in abundance." Thank you for this.

  2. Gloria, you are "soooooooo, clever and full of delightful ideas. It must be fun being in your brain sometimes. Ha,haa.
    I'd like to put your poem in my Thanksgiving scrapbook and keep it always.

  3. From Kacie:

    You really hit home on the two lines: Smiles shared with strangers and Generous spurts of laughter. Those things, I think, are my favorite things in life. You nailed how I feel. Thanks.
    God bless