Monday, July 5, 2010

Freedom, by Charlotte Boquist

Freedom is precious, too easily accepted as normal. Those of us who have never experienced the lack of freedom probably have no concept of what it means to have none. We accept the fact that we can worship whatever god we wish or not recognize God at all. We are able to travel anywhere without restriction. We are free to start a business, own a home, raise out children, dress as we please and take part in our government. The list is endless. As we celebrate our country's birthday we should "re-pledge" our allegiance.


  1. Yes. We need to be reminded of that from time to time-but especially on America's birthday.

  2. Your story serves as a good reminder. Let freedom ring and let us rejoice in it.

  3. Dear Charlotte,
    Amen to that. I'm happy to be an American by choice. Although we were not overrun by Communists or Nazis in Ireland, the Catholic Church was very powerful. Books were banned if they contained anything offensive. We were forbidden to attend a service (even a wedding)in non-Catholic Church and marrying outside the church, although not forbidden, was frowned upon.